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Shot Factor 0.51 APK + MOD (Unlimited Money) Download

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Name Shot Factor
ID com.PirateBrig.ShotFactor
Publisher VOODOO
Genre Arcade
MOD Features Unlimited Money, No Ads
Version 0.51
Size 68M
Price FREE
Requires Android 7.1

Shot Factor MOD APK will be a game that should be on your phone to play whenever you need to relax. The idea of ​​casual is quite strange and the way to play Shot Factor can get you in the good mood within a few minutes

Introduce about Shot Factor

Use different mods to create your unique gun!

Casual games are easy to play, everyone knows, but does it leave anything in the memory?

Mobile is a fertile platform for casual games. It’s very fast, highly entertaining, just touch operation and you can even use one hand to play. But if you ask: out of thousands and millions of casual games you have played, which one leaves you an impression?

Probably not, or if yes, you just could count it on the fingers of one hand.

Usually, you will download and try the game out, after that, you will get bored, delete it from your device and download another game to try. That process will repeat again and again until you get bored and switch completely to playing a different game genre.

The main reason is that the casual games are not interesting enough and don’t leave an impression for you to want to play again. I also play a lot of casual games and mostly encounter one of these two situations all the time. But fortunately in the strong flow of the casual mobile game trend, sometimes I still catch a few games that are light, easy to play, easy to understand but very attractive and unique, like Shot Factor.

A very special game by VOODOO

If you go toShot Factor game page on Google Play, you only get a pretty short description: Use different mods to create your ultimate gun! There is no other information about the story, gameplay, characters, upgrades, tips. I was a bit disappointed when I read that. But then I want to try this game to see what the game has to describe so superficially. Yeah, that’s the way I got to Shot Factor.


I can’t believe I’m addicted to a game with such an uninteresting design. But it’s hard not be, because the shots make up most of my free time and there doesn’t seem like enough hours in day for all these distractions that just waste away when we’re done playing them!

I played around one or two levels before being hooked by this goofy little title about shooting things on screen without any real purpose other than making you have more empty days ahead so they seem less painful somehow- though who knows why anyone would want their lives prolonged at this point?
I can’t even remember how I found Outrun, but after playing through the tutorial it was all over for me. There’s just something satisfying in watching bullets fly past obstacles while trying not to get hit yourself…

You’ve never seen a gun like the one in this game. They say it’s a simulation, but what they mean to say is that there are no boundaries for how far-out your imagination can go when designing weapons and destructive devices with these amazing tools! All sorts of shapes stand at your disposal: from squares which simply attach as replacements or upgrades on top of any other kind (they make shooting three rounds at once possible), down through polygonal barrels designed specifically not only shoot bullets out quickly enough but also chop up enemies into pieces before you even have time stop playing…
Boss battle incoming? Bring those babies along because we’re about ready take them all down

When you’re done designing the weapon of your dreams, it’s time for a test run. In this first-person shooter scene with enemies approaching from all sides and an open road in front that can be tricked up any way we want through mods – it won’t just be about shooting people anymore! As they come towards us faster than ever before (so as not to make them bulletproof), there will now also be points awarded depending on how many different bonuses those shots were worth: if one specific item drops during combat then bonus point gets added onto its total value; but if several new ones appear outta nowhere after each kill – take note because these correspondingly given items let playerscustomize their guns even MORE aheadof next level

I’ve never seen a game like this. It’s something completely new, unusual and interesting! Not only do they have shooting battles with weapons that are designed for different purposes but there is also an element of strategy involved in choosing which weapon to use based on what kind or enemy you’re facing – it creates so much more excitement than just running around aimlessly as if your life depended on it because at any moment someone could come up behind me…or jump out from rooftop above us without warning
The first time I came across GunModDLC was when my friend recommended them by saying “You will love these mods!” And she wasn’t wrong either; I found myself drawn into their world right away thanks largely due

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