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GTA 4 APK is a compelling action game that continues the success of its previous versions. Download and install this game for free on your Android device to enjoy its thrilling moments.

Once again, Rockstar Games has proven to the mobile gaming market its capabilities when it comes to the release of GTA 4 MOBILE Edition APK. This release has attracted a lot of downloads since its launch and brought great success. Join this game today to become one of the most bloody gangsters in Liberty City. Overcoming many difficulties with top-notch action, players can fulfill their dreams of dominating the underworld through this game. Play now!


After years with the ship Platypus floating at sea, Niko Bellić decided to return to Liberty City with his cousin Roman to fulfill his dream. However, there are times when life will not be what we want it to be. Niko’s life hasn’t been as smooth as he wanted it to be. He discovered his traitor 15 years ago; it was he who helped Niko’s enemies find refuge and kill his teammates. At the same time, he and his cousin had to deal with the gangster creditors when Roman lost money with a huge amount of money up to millions of dollars.

During his time working for creditors Vlad Glebov, Niko built many new relationships through the arms trade. But not long after, Niko kills his boss when he discovers that the boss with his cousin has a nefarious relationship. After that, both Niko brothers were kidnapped by Russian mafia boss Mikhail Faustin and were hired to assassinate. From here on, Niko has started a new life with new journeys!

GTA 4 MOBILE Edition APK Gameplay
GTA 4 MOBILE Edition APK Gameplay

At the start of the game, you will be shown a short video that introduces the context of the game, and it also tells you about the things that are happening in Liberty City. However, you should know that GTA 4 MOBILE Edition is designed with open gameplay, so you will be free to play your way without following a predefined scenario.

But the scripted gameplay available is also very attractive. Thanks to that, you can discover about Niko’s life and the dangers and difficulties he went through in the underworld in Liberty. You will also learn more about Roman with the help of Niko and his friends.

As you complete the mission, you will meet infamous characters in the underworld, and it will also give you the latest weapons and bonuses. For gangsters, weapons are the most important things because, without weapons, they are just ordinary people.

Later, the game has more dramatic and action-packed details. Niko will have tougher tasks, and he sometimes has to make deadly choices: kill one of the two in front of him. His first choice is definitely to kill boss Vlad Glebov. However, this will have very damaging consequences. He will be in danger because of the boss’s juniors, so you will have to stay by and help him save his life.


The controls on the phone screen have their own functions. You can use them to perform movements such as running, punching, kicking, picking up melee weapons, or using guns to attack. Besides, some buttons function to control while you drive.

Although Liberty is a city of Mafia gangs, it still has a legal existence. When you do illegal things like robbing a car on the street or attacking people on the road, you will be hunted by the police.

Classic Style Graphics
Classic Style Graphics

Personally, I am not really impressed with the graphics of GTA 4 MOBILE Edition, less attractive than current 3D role-playing games. This game has a classic style of old society. However, with this graphic style, the publisher has successfully re-enacted Western society authentically with the character’s dress, house, and vehicle. Besides, this game can work smoothly on mobile devices with medium configuration.

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