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Age Of War MOD APK 4.8 Unlimited Coins

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Age of War MOD is a classic tower defense game. Your mission when participating in the game is to build and develop a powerful empire. Be ready to defeat all enemies.

Classic defense game

Basically, Age of War is a tower defense game. Like all games of its kind, the map will be split in two and each side is for an army. Once the war begins, you and your enemy will together use troops to advance into the rival’s land to invade and destroy. The battle will only end when one of the two sides breaks the opponent’s tower and wins the combat.

Among many tower defense games with modern style and beautiful effects, Age of War has created its unique point when owning a classic style with primitive gameplay, 2D graphics background, and simple effects. For veteran gamers, this is an advantage of the game when it gives them a sense of nostalgia that old games used to bring.

Building your empire

Every time you level up in Age of War, the enemy army gets stronger and attacks you in more waves. The intensity of the war will also increase significantly when the ferocious armies and destructive weapons are controlled by skillful strategists. You will have to use all your abilities to protect the tower and defeat them.

You will need to strengthen your army by unlocking new technologies and troops. That is essential because any of us know that primitive soldiers of old using sticks, swords, or shields would be easily defeated by soldiers armed with guns and bombs. Age of War gives you a lot of minions so you can unlock them and buy them when you have enough experience points.

However, strength is not everything for an army to win the battle. You need to know your attack strategies. Each type of unit in the game has its strengths and weaknesses. Please keep in mind the fighting style of each unit type to apply it most effectively in combat and win.

Various kinds of towers

The tower is the last line of defense of the kingdom.  Its safety directly affects whether the player passes that level or not. When the player has a strong enough tower, new technologies and new units will be unlocked so that the player can increase their strength. Make sure you destroy the enemy’s tower and defend your own to win the battle.

Fifteen different types of towers are what Age of War gives players. Each of them has a unique shape and will be unlocked when the player has enough resources. More than just a thing to be protected, players can use towers as offensive weapons when they are equipped with several weapons such as crossbows, cannons, and rockets. In addition, players can also supplement their army with new weapons such as armored vehicles, tanks, and many other weapons of war at later levels.

Fast-paced tower defense strategy game

Overall, your growth rate in Age of War is super fast. Starting with a rock cave with a primitive tribe, it won’t take long for you to upgrade your tribe and your army to gain technology and great power.

What you need to buy units and upgrade towers are coins. You can earn them by defeating enemies on the battlefield. Defeat as many enemies as you can and save lots of coins to become the player with the most powerful tower and army.

Troops in the game will automatically move towards the opponent’s tower and attack enemies that stand in their way. Therefore, you must focus on the game as much as possible while the battle is still going on. When your troops are defeated on the battlefield, immediately buy another army and continue the battle until victory.

Download Age of War MOD APK for Android

If you want to experience this game without having to spend time hoarding a lot of coins, try downloading the APK version of the game. Age of War is a classic tower defense strategy game but it brings a lot of entertainment and fun for players. This game is especially suitable for those who love strategy games. If you are one of them, download this game now and join the battles to defeat the best strategists.

Download Age Of War MOD APK 4.8 Unlimited Coins

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