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Name Stranger Things: 1984
Publisher Netflix, Inc.
Genre Adventure
MOD Features No
Version 1.0.390
Size 139M
Price FREE
Requires Android 8.0

Stranger Things: 1984 APK is one of the major game projects from Netflix on the mobile platform. It was launched with a series of 4 more games, making it the first combo to invade the mobile game market. Its classic gameplay and bold memorial images will make fastidious mobile gamers also recover.

Table of contents
  1. Introduce about Stranger Things: 1984
    1. Netflix is ​​back and better than ever?
    2. Story
    3. Gameplay
    4. Graphics and sound
  2. Download Stranger Things: 1984 APK for Android

Introduce about Stranger Things: 1984

A Netflix’s cute 8-bit game based on the Netflix series

Netflix is ​​back and better than ever?

Puzzle games are fertile ground for many different themes and styles of game. Big names or newcomers of the game manufactures are quick to exploit this game segment because of its accessibility. 

Netflix, in recent years, has bombarded fiercely on the movie battlefield, especially with its borderless expansion into Asian drama markets. The game doesn’t stop there, Netflix has even higher ambitions. One of the encroachment stages that surprised many people was its reaching out to the mobile game market.

Stranger Things 1984 on APKMODY 1440x810

Stranger Things: 1984 is the classic 8-bit graphic puzzle game that is released on Google Play, free for Netflix users, and completely ad-free.

Compared to many games of the same genre, Stranger Things: 1984 has too many advantages. Being one of the opening games for the entry into the mobile game market of a movie giant, it is also a game based on the popular Netflix series of the same name. It has classic gameplay and graphics, which is easy to get into people’s hearts. Great for reaching many users.


Similar to what happens in the series. In the game, you will play as Hopper, along with two of his friends, go on an adventure and puzzle journey to fight the dark forces of The Upside Down. The three best friends will travel together through different areas of the game such as Hawkins laboratory, Mirkwood forest, and many more.


Google Play currently classifies Stranger Things: 1984 as a puzzle game, but the game experience is clearly an adventure and fighting. It feels like reliving the old GameBoy era. The gameplay is also classic and very easy to understand. The idea behind this is ​​that anyone can play the games they make, and there’s no need to talk too much about the plot because most of them are based on a certain popular series on Netflix. It is this advantage that has brought a huge plus for Stranger Things: 1984 in particular and the remaining 4 games. Characters are easier to understand, and dialogue cutscenes are easier to empathize with. The excitement is full even when you haven’t played it yet.

Stranger Things 1984 for Android 1440x810

This whole exciting adventure revolves around the process of taking quests – puzzles – solving puzzles – completing quests – scoring – upgrading – and moving on to another quest. To conquer this arduous and fast-paced road, you and your teammates, in addition to making full use of each person’s unique skills such as using a slingshot, using a baseball to hit all obstacles, have to constantly use your flexible mind to solve puzzles, find next destinations and clues to important events.

The challenges are given from easy to difficult, but most of them are gentle and lovely. Like when meeting a big bear on the road, instead of using a weapon to fight, you can do a simple way like throwing it a jar of honey, leaving it immersed in honey then sneaking over the blocked road.

Are you familiar with this type of play that includes a few wits and fights continuously? Stranger Things: 1984 made everything very smooth. From the character’s movements, the way difficult situations appear, and the transitions to different areas of the map.

Stranger Things 1984 screenshot 1440x810

Along the way, through the passage of puzzles, you will also collect many valuable and rare items such as Eggo cakes to increase strength and summon strange creatures to support your battle.

Graphics and sound

The 8-bit graphics will transport you into the world of the classic gaming era. A little nostalgic, a little dear to the story that is so famous, and the gameplay is equally traditional.

The sound is incomparable to today’s epic bombarding modern games, but it has attentive rhythms, detailed tones, descriptions of movement, puzzles, phases of collecting items. I think it is pretty cute.

Download Stranger Things: 1984 APK for Android

If you’re curious to know what Netflix makes for mobile games or want to know if a new mobile game with a plot of a popular series is as good as the original, or simply if you want to look for a nostalgic adventure puzzle game to play, then here, Stranger Things: 1984 is for you.

Download 1984 1.0.390 APK Download for Android

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